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§ The Growth of the Megacity

The Growth of the Megacity

A two page spread commissioned by Northstar Publishing for Audi Magazine to accompany a feature on the global rise of the megacity. I was given a blank page and a text document full of stats to play with, which is just the way I like it! It was published in the Winter 2011 edition.

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§ History of Manned Space Flight

History of Manned Space Flight

A 1 page graphic which illustrates every single manned space flight in history, and categorises them by country of origin and destination. Notable events in history are highlighted.

This was published in a special issue of the Financial Times Weekend magazine – April 2/3 2011.

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§ Laura Marling Connections – GQ UK

Laura Marling Connections – GQ UK

This 1 page graphic was for GQ magazine and showed the complex relationships and connections in the Nu-Folk music scene, of which Laura Marling appears to be a central figure.

This was published in GQ UK September 2011 issue.

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§ Heroes Transmedia

Heroes Transmedia

An infographic for Wired UK showing the many and varied media channels used to promote the television show Heroes. It was to fit into a small feature and I took inspiration from the title typeface to create an undulating angular ribbon diagram with a few little nice features.

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§ Comic Book Movies

Comic Book Movies

A contribution to MAS Context – a themed quarterly journal created by MAS Studio in Chicago. This issue was themed on the concept of Amusement and I was given free-rein to created anything based on that theme. Having just watched Iron Man on DVD, my usual curiosity struck and I started doing some research on how comic books matched to their movie counterparts, and it all went on from there.

The full issue of MAS Context can be downloaded here.

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§ Meet iPad’s Competition

Meet iPad’s Competition

This infographic was commissioned by Courrier Japon Magazine in Tokyo and is based on the article “The iPad Changes Everything” originally published by Fortune Magazine. It was printed in the July 2010 Issue.

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§ The World Cup Predicted

The World Cup Predicted

This infographic plots the forthcoming World Cup as predicted by a formula based on the GDP of each country. The mathematical model was created by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski.

This was published in Wired UK, June 2010 issue.

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§ Digital Nostalgia – Wired Italy

Digital Nostalgia – Wired Italy

A new edition of my Digital Nostalgia work commissioned for Wired Italy. All the information from the previous project was updated with most parts requiring a complete redesign to fit into a magazine format. I was given full control over layout and typography and Wired gave me use of metallic inks and thicker paper just for my section.

This was published in Wired Italy, March 2010 issue.

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