§ Scream London

Scream London

Scream is an exclusive contemporary art gallery located in the centre of London. For this site I first shot the photos which would make up an evolving background of the site. After creating mockups in Photoshop, I created the main page structure, menu system and transition animations in Flash, from where it was passed onto another member of the team to be intergrated with a MySQL database.

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§ The Forgotten Defenders

The Forgotten Defenders

A two page spread for a Zine project. The given themes were British, 50+ years old, and three and it had to be in black and white.

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§ Me:Self-Promotional Infographics

Me:Self-Promotional Infographics

What started as a visual CV became a series of infographics that documented different aspects of my life and my interests.

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§ 76 Portland Place

76 Portland Place

This exclusive conference venue in the centre of London required an update of their current website. This turned into a complete new site design from which design hints were taken to create new branded printed materials.

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§ RSA House Virtual Tour

RSA House Virtual Tour

The RSA House is a conference and event venue in central London. This flash floorplan was designed to allow guests to see which rooms matched their specifications and visitors could click through to look around a 360 degree tour.


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