My name is Paul Button and I am a designer based in London specialising in information design and data illustration.

I graduated with first-class honours in Graphic Design at Cambridge School of Art in 2009. Since then I spent four years freelancing, mainly in standalone print pieces for publications such as GQ, Wired, and the Financial Times as well as being involved with digital projects for companies such as Skype and Ubuntu. I worked two years as a senior designer for Information is Beautiful Studio (now called Beyond Words) working on an array of projects ranging from static infographics to more advanced interactive visualisations.

My current role since November 2015 is that of senior information designer at Signal Noise where I’ve helped create all manner of visualisation pieces for clients such as eBay, UBS and Nissan. My workload ranges from printed materials through to complex interactives and physical installations and running workshops and events.

I’ve been told that I’m the most curious person in the world which might be why I’ve been fascinated with information design ever since it crossed my path back at university.  It seems to fit well with my rational way of thinking and working and it’s what I’ve been focussing on ever since. Most of my time is spent in Illustrator, where I’ve developed scripts to automate some of the more complicated repetitive processes that can happen when you’re throwing a lot of data around. My current obsession is in finding ways of interacting with data in the physical world and the learning the mechanics of creating such devices.

As a hobby I’m creating a series of screen-printed information design prints that visually analyse events in history and popular culture that particularly interest me – they are available to see and purchase under my shop Made from Data.

If you have a data viz project I’d be happy to talk with you about it, and if I’m not available, I might know someone who is.

You can see more of my work at my Behance page.